like what i dont get is how I can see  

"Boys r so easy to make cum. Stupid simple creatures. I want to kill you all"


"how to get a thigh gap

  1. put a guys head between your legs”

on the same page of a blog. like that literally makes no sense to me.

don’t complain about hating boys and sex culture so much and then talk about how bad you want someone to eat your pussy, goddamn. 

Track: Skinny Love
Artist: Bon Iver
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C’mon skinny love just last the year / Pour a little salt we were never here

"wearing black makes any human look 400% better"
- (via kidhiu)
No one on this website likes me lol

No one on this website likes me lol

American Football Reunite: Playing Fall Shows



The #emorevival is over. American Football have officially reunited for a a few shows this coming fall. It’s not year clear if more will be announced, but check out the dates below and mark your calendars! 

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My attitude towards politics and society is constantly “angry but unsurprised”

Track: Cupid's Chokehold
Artist: Gym Class Heroes
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Cupid’s Chokehold | Gym Class Heroes

Tiny Hand